Materials Distribution Network (MDN en sigle)

MDN is a department of God's Glory Center in charge of the distribution of the products of ministers of the gospel and artists of the Ministry. Since the beginning of this department, books, pamphlets, syllabuses, teaching CDs and DVDs, GG Movies products and recently GG Sound's New Album have been on the stands of MDN at GGC Kigobe and in all branches of GGC in Burundi and elsewhere or by order. The Ministry has been careful to equip believers who are members of the universal church in general and those of GGC in particular with Christian materials in order to help them sustain the message of the life of glory wherever they are. facilitate sharing it with their colleagues. Many people have living testimonies of the impact of these materials in their growth in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and the resulting transformation of their lives.

Peuple Murundi Boulevard
North Kigobe.
In front of Top One Station and

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