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To conclude this topic that we have seen together ,let's me remind you that we focused more on the love that we have toward our Lord God not emotionally but by understanding. If in your life you are more taken with other things rather than the word of God of God, I assure you that there will be an unsteadiness in your spirit reason why i urge you to love the lord more than any other things in your life and to have an attitude which show really that your heart belong to God only.This is possible only when you are aware of what Jesus has done to you.


Infact, the holly spirit shall reveal to those  who meditate  to the word  of God daily his love towards us .This will give you the power of living on this earth successfully.he has given us his son so as we can inherit of his love.

2 Corinthians5:14-15"For the love of christ compels us,because we judge thus; that if one died for all,then all died.15 and he died for all; that those who live should live no longer for themselves; but for him who died for them and rose again." The level of love that we have for him is proved through the attitude of not living on our own behalf but for he who loved and gave us his son.live for God only who have a marvelous plan for us. 

2 Corinthians5:9" Therefore we make it our aim,whether present or absent to be well pleasing to him ." This means that we must have the ambition for  God's honor.

Romans1:1-2says that by the compassion of Christ we shall present our bodies to God as a living sacrifice and not to be conformed to this world.Don' t be fascinated by what the unbelievers have because God has another good plan for you .Refuse to live like others for the glory of God, be motivated by the love that you have for christ.we came on this earth to prove that the word of God is not worthless

In the roll of the book is written what concerns you.you have to speed up so as to demonstrate what is written in the bible.


Matthieu10:37"He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.and he who loves son or daughter than me is not worthy of me" It is clear in this verse that you cannot be passionate with any other people apart from God.if not you are not worthy of him.No one can give you value except the Lord.The more you will love other things unrelated to  the will of God,the more you will find yourself weak

Thus the bible says in 1 Corinthians13:1 that whatever we can do without love of God is empty like a  clanging cymbal or a sounding brass .you are blessed!!.



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